HOPE to HOME is our avenue to involve you in the solution to homelessness: housing + support.  HOPE to HOME pairs teams of 8-10 volunteers from a faith community with a person or family who’s been homeless and  is moving into permanent housing. HOPE to HOME teams commit to supporting their newly-housed partners for one year, in four key ways:

  1. Financial support: Each team contributes $1,800 to provide direct support to their partner and to cover program expenses; often congregations cover this through missions budgets.
  2. Material support: Prior to move-in, teams gather donations of furniture & other household goods from their congregations & other networks to set up their partners’ new apartments.
  3. Practical support: Throughout the year, team members work with staff to help meet the practical needs of their partners, by taking them grocery shopping or to appointments, helping them work out budgets, tutoring them for GED classes,  or other assistance their partners may need.
  4. Relational support: Most importantly, team members meet regularly with the individual or family they’re partnered with to share information, build relationships, and function as a support system for their partners as they stabilize in their first year of permanent housing.

Ultimately, HOPE to HOME provides an avenue for people of faith to do what they already do best: care for people in tangible ways and encourage & empower them to lead healthier, more stable lives.

Learn more about Kelly & her HOPE to HOME team to get a better idea of the program.

How can YOU support HOPE to HOME?

Join an interfaith team as an individual, partnered with other individuals from other congregations, or get a team started at your congregation by gathering a group of people who are interested for an informational meeting.

To learn more or get involved, contact Nicole Brown, HOPE to HOME Director:
Submit your team’s monthly report here (HOPE to HOME team members only).

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