Dr. Brown Crosby Housing is Healthcare Fund

About the Fund

Retired Asheville physician and philanthropist Dr. Brown Crosby has been an advocate for marginalized members of the community for many years. Crosby was impressed with the work Homeward Bound is doing to end homelessness and made the quarter of a million-dollar gift to the organization.

Homeward Bound created the Dr. Brown Crosby Housing is Healthcare Fund that will help cover some of the costs associated with housing.

Housing is Healthcare Fund will also allow Homeward Bound to better weather the fluctuation in government grant awards. A 2019 HUD (Housing and Urban Development) grant award was decreased by approximately $72,000, creating a gap in rental assistance funding for a number of clients Homeward Bound has moved into housing. Dr. Crosby’s fund helps the organization fill that gap, resulting in moving more people into permanent homes.

Want to donate to the Housing is Healthcare Fund?

Donations to the Dr. Brown Crosby Housing is Healthcare Fund can be made by sending a check to PO Box 1166, Asheville, NC 28002 with the memo “Housing is Healthcare Fund”. 

If you would like to know more about the Dr. Brown Crosby Housing is Healthcare Fund, contact Jim Lowder at jim@homewardboundwnc.org