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landlords work with homeward bound to house the formerly homeless

About our Landlords

Landlords play a key role in helping us end homelessness in Asheville and Buncombe County. They agree to rent their units to individuals and families moving out of homelessness who need a second chance. Seventy-five percent of the units our clients move in to are rented by private landlords. Our three Housing Specialists work directly with these landlords and remain available to answer any questions and make sure the rental has the best chance of working.

Many landlords appreciate working with us because of the guarantee of rent payments while renters remain with Homeward Bound. This support most often lasts at least a year and often for a number of years. 

Are you a landlord who wants to work with us?

Do you identify with the following criteria?

  • To rent 1 or more additional units to our clients.
  • Rent units at a Fair Market Rate
  • Open to creative solutions to end homelessness
  • Willing to be open-minded and flexible toward tenants with rental barriers, possibly including low credit, a past eviction, or a criminal background
  • Accepting Section 8 vouchers

housing specialist team

Benefits of Working with Homeward Bound as a Landlord

  • Fill vacant units without the hassle of advertising.  We have clients waiting on housing which decreases the days a unit is vacant.  Our support can speed up the leasing process!
  • Homeward Bound can pay double security deposits equal to 2 months rent
  • Tenants receive ongoing case management support focused on housing stability. Housing case managers will support clients in cultivating positive relationships with landlords and neighbors, financial management and rent payments, housekeeping, and accessing other community resources as needed.
  • Housing Specialists are available for landlords to contact with any issues or concerns, in order to increase housing stability and reduce the risk of eviction. Housing Specialists will communicate landlord feedback with tenants and case managers, who will work together to address any concerns.
  •  While clients are enrolled, Housing Specialists inspect the unit once a quarter, including smoke detectors and furnace/AC filters. Housing Specialists also perform yearly Housing Quality Standards Inspections and report results to the landlords 
  • If the tenant moves out of the unit, Homeward Bound ensures that the unit is empty of belongings and cleaned before returning keys to landlords

people moved into their own homes

Asheville, along with most cities in the United States, has a housing crisis. Access to safe and affordable housing continues to be a challenge and increasingly serves as one of the biggest barriers to ending homelessness in our community and our nation.

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