Landlord Partnerships

Who are our landlord partners?

Landlords play a key role in helping us end homelessness in Asheville and Buncombe County. They provide the housing inventory to individuals and families moving out of homelessness. Our landlords include individual private owners, larger developers, and property management groups. Our Housing staff works directly with these partners to keep units filled and provide support with tenant management. The relationships we build with our landlord partners are equally as important to us as those we build with our clients.

landlords work with homeward bound to PROVIDE STABLE HOUSING

individuals have been housed by Homeward Bound SINCE 2006

What are the benefits of working with Homeward Bound as a Landlord or Property Manager?

  • Guaranteed timely rent payments. Many of our clients are on long-term programs for which Homeward Bound pays all or the majority of the rent. Short-term programs offer tiered support to clients who are setup for success in managing rent payments on their own.
  • Fill vacant units without the hassle of advertising.¬† We have clients waiting on housing which decreases the days a unit is vacant.¬† Our support can speed up the leasing process.
  • Tenants receive ongoing case management focused on housing stability. Case Managers will train and support clients in cultivating positive relationships with landlords and neighbors, financial management and timely rent payments, housekeeping, and accessing other community resources as needed.
  • Our Housing team is comprised of 3 Housing Specialists and a Housing Placement Manager, who are available for landlords to contact with any issues or concerns. Housing Specialists will communicate landlord feedback to tenants and case managers, who will work together on identifying solutions.
  • Housing Specialists conduct an initial Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection at move-in and repeat this annually. In addition to these formal inspections, housing staff will visit all units quarterly to proactively identify and address any tenant issues, unit maintenance needs, or lease violations.
  • If the tenant moves out of the unit, Homeward Bound ensures that the unit is empty of belongings and cleaned before returning keys to landlords.

    Homeward Bound offers
    financial incentives to our landlord partners:


  • Double security deposits (equal to 2 month’s rent for a 12-month lease)
  • Move-in bonuses for each unit as a form of gratitude to landlords for holding units and offering flexibility in tenant background screenings
  • Funds to cover the costs of any repairs/ upfits that must be made for units to pass HQS Inspection
  • Risk mitigation funds to cover damages incurred during tenancy or post move-out that may exceed the double security deposit
  • Housing stability bonuses for a 12-month lease renewal with a tenant
  • Referral bonuses to landlords who introduce a peer landlord to our program

    Are you a Landlord or Property Manager interested in working with us?

    • Do you have units available to rent in Asheville or Buncombe County?
    • Are you renting units at a Fair Market Rate?
    • Are you willing to be open-minded and flexible toward tenants with rental barriers, including low credit, a past eviction, and/or a criminal background?

    Please contact us for more information!

    Housing team members are available Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm
    828-778-0361 |
    Voicemails and emails are returned within 1 business day

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