Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Vann Vogel
Vice President
Angie Cullen
Chris Youngblood
Mae Creadick

Greg Angelo
Donna Ball
Clark Duncan
David Greiner
Jo Ikelheimer
Brian Methvin
David McCartney
Ryan McCullough
Heather Norton
Carol Rovello
Isaac Rowles



Our Staff

Administrative Staff

 Executive Director: Meredith Switzer, M.Ed  828-774-9555
Finance and Operations Director: April Lambert  828.424.0578
Financial Assistant: Peiyin Chen  828.424.0578
Grants Management Director: Jenny Simmons  828.258.1695
Facilities and Housing Development Director : Santiago Cely 828.767.0423
Senior Resource Development Director: Eleanor Ashton  828.713.3071
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator: Madeline Wadley 828-772-1820 
Strategic Gifts Officer: Jim Lowder
Business Community Outreach & Welcome Home Manager: Ashley Campbell  828.777.1886
Donor Relations Manager: Ruby Koch-Fienberg 828.785.9840

Resource Development Coordinator : Kate Edwards 828.417.4657

  Our Staff

Program Staff

Alanna  Woodfin Program Manager  828.747.2599
Alexa  Housing Specialist  828.768.2458
Amanda S.  Scattered Site Program Manager  828.767.9207
Amanda T.  Housing Case Manager  828.776.1840
Amy Housing Case Manager 828.772.0276
Anne  Housing Case Manager  828.273.4810
Ashleigh  SOAR Benefits Specialist  828.777.8262
Benjamin  Housing Case Manager  828.772.7072
Brian Homeless Case Manager 828-774-9108
Caroline  Housing Case Manager  828.772.5773
Caroline K Housing Case Manager 828.774.9191
Catherine  Housing Case Manager  828.772.2845
Chelsea  Resident Safety Advisor  828.505.3606
Christian  PATH SOAR Case Manager 
Debbie  Housing Placement Manager  828.777.6293
Erin  Library Outreach Case Manager  828.774.9212
Hillary  PATH Case Manager  828.772.6600
Jenny M.  Permanent Supportive Housing Director  828.782.1492
Jerry  HACA Program Manager  828.777.4754
Jon  Security Manager  828.777.9702
Kate A.  PATH Peer Support Case Manager  828.620.0056
Kate C.  PATH Team Lead  828.768.2670
Katherine  Rapid Rehousing Program Manager  828.772.2848
Leigh  Programs Administrator  828.772.9144
Linda  Resident Safety Advisor  828.505.3606
Liz Rapid Rehousing Director 828.772.9144
Melanee Housing Case Manager 828.772.9276
Mike  Homeless Case Manager  828.337.5672
Miranda  Housing Specialist 828.777.5342
Molly  Housing Case Manager  828.747.8583
Nate  AHOPE Safety Officer  828.252.8883
Nicole, Homeless Services Director  828.777.5165
Phyllis Housing Case Manager 828.747.9276
Pip  AHOPE Program Manager  828.620.0135
Rachel  Homeless Case Manager  828.778.0016
Robert  City Outreach Case Manager  828.768.3435
Ryan  Housing Case Manager  828.775.4199
Samuel  Homeless Case Manager  828.774.9139
Terry  Donation Center Assistant  828.747.9409
Taylor  Intake Coordinator  828.505.3606
Wes  Outreach Case Manager  828.772.2847
Will  Housing Case Manager  828.777.9809

92 cents of every dollar goes directly to end homelessness

Donate Today

A monthly gift allows you to spread the financial impact of your giving across the entire year, lessening a one-time drain on your resources. Also, recurring gifts help Homeward Bound as we can more accurately predict income in advance, which helps with longer range budgeting and decision-making.


Volunteers help us end homelessness 

Come volunteer with us

Come volunteer with us! We offer service experiences for individuals, faith communities, businesses, and schools and youth groups. Volunteers help us end homelessness in our region by helping provide much-needed services to people transitioning into a home.


Contribute to a Cause


Your clean and gently used household items can help others experience the comforts of home. Your donations go directly to women, men, and children moving in to new homes or are used at our Day Center. Donation receipts are available upon request.


News & Updates

VIRTUAL Welcome Home Luncheon Announced

VIRTUAL Welcome Home Luncheon Announced

The event will be held online live on May 20th. The inspiring program will include words from our Executive Director Meredith Switzer, a short documentary by Emmy-Award winning director Katie Damien, as well as a spoken-word performance and musical performance by...

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Donation Drive in Response to COVID-19

Items critically needed at this time include: Camping gear, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, disinfectant cleaning supplies including wipes, regular baby wipes, disposable gloves, towels, soap, underwear, socks, and unopened (without the seal broken)...

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