Take our See the Hope Tour

People experiencing homelessness are our neighbors. There’s no better way to understand what our community faces than seeing it for yourself. Take a See the Hope Tour tour, so you can see firsthand how homelessness is effecting our community and what we are doing to solve the problem. See the Hope Tours run every Thursday from 11 am – 12:15 pm. We can also schedule other times by appointment. We encourage you to bring a friend, your coworkers, or don’t be afraid to come by yourself! Our tours have a capacity of 5, so there will be others alongside you.

Feel free to give us a call at 828-785-9840 if you have any questions.


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We like to be transparent about both our goals and our progress toward achieving them. We’ll try to keep this area updated for you so you know how your support helps us move toward zero homelessness in our community.

In 2018, Homeward Bound

  • Found safe and stable homes for 95 of our neighbors experiencing homelessness.
  • Provided $1000 of gently used furnishings for each person housed.
  • Outreached to 145 people living on the streets, in cars, under bridges and in campsites connecting them with medical and mental health resources and housing when possible.
  • Provided services to an average of 172 individuals each day at our AHOPE Day Center including 26,000 showers, 80,000 cups of coffee and handing out 16,000 pairs of socks.
  • Prevented homelessness for 116 individuals including 32 veterans and 46 children.
  • Maintains an 89% housing retention rate – meaning nearly nine out of ten people we have placed into housing have never become homeless again.

Watch the video below to get an inside look at Homeward Bound WNC’s Woodfin Apartments supportive housing project.

Strategic Initiative: Ending Chronic Homelessness

People who are chronically homeless have been on the streets or in shelter for at least 12 months and have a disability. The longer people are homeless, the more complex their needs become: they develop chronic medical conditions that don’t get treated, their mental health deteriorates and substance use increases, and they often experience severe trauma because they don’t have a safe place to live. Additionally, their public costs are high because they use emergency medical services and are frequently incarcerated, often for misdemeanors related to living outside. People who’ve become chronically homeless are the some of the most vulnerable members of our community. They have the greatest need for permanent housing but the least opportunity to access it. Based on our current programs, we know that people who’ve been chronically homeless can be successful in housing when we provide the right supports to meet their needs.

92 cents of every dollar goes directly to end homelessness

Donate Today

A monthly gift allows you to spread the financial impact of your giving across the entire year, lessening a one-time drain on your resources. Also, recurring gifts help Homeward Bound as we can more accurately predict income in advance, which helps with longer range budgeting and decision-making.


Volunteers help us end homelessness 

Come volunteer with us

Come volunteer with us! We offer service experiences for individuals, faith communities, businesses, and schools and youth groups. Volunteers help us end homelessness in our region by helping provide much-needed services to people transitioning into a home.


Contribute to a Cause


Your clean and gently used household items can help others experience the comforts of home. Your donations go directly to women, men, and children moving in to new homes or are used at our Day Center. Donation receipts are available upon request.


Get in Touch. Get Involved.

The Homeward Bound community includes caring staff, volunteers, board members, and people experiencing or moving out of homelessness. We believe that housing is a human right and use the “Housing First” national best practice to end homelessness. We care about the most vulnerable among us and work every day to help them improve their lives. Join us!

37 Montford Ave Asheville, NC 28801

Call Us: (828) 252-8883

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