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What is Homeward Bound?

We’re a nonprofit organization ending homelessness in Buncombe and Henderson Counties of North Carolina. More than that, we’re non-judgmental staff, volunteers, board members, and people knowledgeable in social work disciplines who believe in the “Housing First” national best practice for ending homelessness. Mostly, we’re people who care about the most vulnerable among us enough to do something about it.


Homeless Services

Our Homeless Services offer support, services, and hope to people who are homeless while they wait to get into permanent housing.


Housing Services

We offer two types of housing programs: Rapid Rehousing and Permanent Supportive Housing.


Some of them even Hollywood wouldn’t believe.

Meet Kimball, the 1,000th person we’ve moved into a home.

After living for 53 years in Savannah, GA, Kimball and her family decided to pack up what they had and move to Asheville, NC. At the time, Kimball’s family included her adult son, Elijah, and their two dogs, Foxy and Magic. They’d wanted to escape the crime that had crept into their working-class neighborhood, and Kimball says that when they saw the mountains on I-26, she knew “We were home.” Kimball found work at a green cleaning business and her son worked as a painter. …


Our progress, at a glance.

A statistical look at our goals, and Homeward Bound’s progress.

We like to be transparent about both our goals and our progress toward achieving them. We’ll try to keep this area updated for you so would-be volunteers know they’re helping a deeply committed cause, and donors can see the specific areas where their dollars go.

Who they are:
88%Are over 25 years old
43%Are veterans
31%Are mentally ill
8%Are children
How we help:
89%of the 1750 people we've housed haven't become homeless again.
Costs of chronic
homelessness in Asheville:
$23,000of public resources are consumed
per person annually.
Cost to house
$10,000for the first year.
$3,800for following years.

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