Rapid Rehousing

What is Rapid Rehousing?

Rapid Re-Housing provides short-term rental assistance and case management services for up to 2 years. The goals are to help people obtain housing quickly, increase self-sufficiency, and remain in housing. It is offered without preconditions (such as employment, income, absence of criminal record, or sobriety) and the resources and services provided are always tailored to the individual needs of each person.

Why Rapid Rehousing?

Rapid Re-Housing is a housing solution for ending homelessness. It has been demonstrated to be effective in moving people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing and helping them remain housed. By connecting people with a home, stability is created, and people are in a better position to address other challenges that may have led to their homelessness, such as obtaining employment or addressing mental health or substance use issues.


This intervention has also been effective for people experiencing additional barriers to safe housing, including people with limited or no income and survivors of domestic violence.