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No One Left Outside

“No one left outside” describes our commitment to finding a housing solution for every person experiencing homelessness, starting with people who have been chronically homeless and benefit from added support. Our Woodfin Apartment project began in April 2016 and has already shown great success in ending homelessness for the residents there and reducing public costs …continued


Hope Despite a Rise in Homelessness

Mary Jo Powers, Executive Director Every year for 24 hours on the last Wednesday in January, nonprofit and community leaders fan out across the state to conduct a “point-in-time count” of our neighbors experiencing homelessness. This happens in shelters, transitional housing programs, on the streets, and at campsites. The numbers just came out and the …continued


DEPCOM Power Makes a Leadership Gift to AHOPE

DEPCOM Power recently made a leadership gift to our  AHOPE Day Center to facilitate essential repairs that started on Saturday, June 11. AHOPE serves 200 people a day and over 3,000 annually, providing showers, coffee, snacks, storage, and mail reception. Most importantly, case managers work with clients to get them on the path to permanent housing. Executive Director Mary Jo Powers commented, “We are so …continued


Homeless No More

“We loved helping Michele move into her new home. I can’t wait to do this again for someone else.” Shannon Paris and her coworkers at Keller Williams helped end homelessness for a neighbor earlier this month. They collected furniture and home goods, delivered it on the chosen day, and helped Michele set everything up. Those of us who work at Homeward Bound know firsthand how life-changing it is when someone experiencing homelessness settles into a new home. We can’t end homelessness …continued


Housing is Healthcare

Housing is healthcare! We recently joined with Mission Health to study hospital use among our Permanent Supportive Housing clients who have been chronically homeless and now have their own home. This is a group of people who have some kind of disability, have the most complex needs, and have been on the streets the longest. The data reflects …continued


Meet Our New Executive Director

Please help us give a very warm welcome to our new Executive Director, Mary Jo Powers! She wanted to share a bit about the path that brought her to Homeward Bound: I was drawn to Homeward Bound because I believe that we all share the responsibility to help everyone obtain their basic needs of food, water, …continued