Finding Home – A Performance Inspired By Homeward Bound Client Stories

Motivation for Change

Candice Dickinson’s heart broke while seeing how humans can treat people just because they do not have a home. As a young artist living in NYC, she became inspired by the people experiencing homeless surrounding her. They huddled next to each other trying to sleep and stay warm. It felt like an overwhelming problem that was just not right. Giving a dollar here and there wouldn’t even make a dent in these people’s lives. She felt the panic of being one paycheck away from not affording rent or bills. She asked herself what would happen if she didn’t have family to fall back on when times got hard.

Finding Home

This compassion, as well as Dickinson’s passion for the arts, motivated Finding Home. The performance is a collection of tales that tell true stories of our neighbors who have lived for years without a home.

After taking a tour of AHOPE, Homeward Bound’s homeless day center, Dickinson partnered with the agency and create this play as a fundraiser. Her goal is to only raise money for Homeward Bound so it can continue its mission of finding permanent homes for the homeless. But also to tell the story and share ideas that can change people’s hearts and minds.


The performances take place January 11-14 at 7:00pm at the Phil Mechanic Studios in the River Arts District. Finding Home is an intimate piece of theater with a cast of eight singers and actors and a band. The cast are all Asheville locals who have worked professionally in the theater community both in Asheville and throughout the country.

Available at the performances are exclusive small plates from the new menu of the upcoming restaurant venture from Jacob Sessoms of Table along with clean and sour brews from Wicked Weed.

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