Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

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Homeward Bound’s Housing Overview

Our program consists of three teams of trained case managers. One team working with clients in Asheville’s public housing communities, another working with clients scattered through the county with landlords who partner with our agency and a third working within an apartment building Homeward Bound manages offering on-site case management. At full capacity Homeward Bound’s PSH program serves approximately 225 households throughout Asheville and Buncombe County with an 89% retention rate.

Homeward Bound’s Approach

Homeward Bound’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides safe, stable homes through long-term rental assistance, paired with long-term intensive case management services, to highly vulnerable individuals with complex issues who are otherwise at risk of serious health and safety consequences from being homeless. This model seeks to provide a stable housing option and the necessary supportive services for individuals and families who would not succeed in other permanent housing settings. Permanent supportive housing is designed for persons with disabilities, including severe mental health, physical health, HIV/AIDS, and/or substance use disorders, especially targeting individuals and families meeting the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of chronic homelessness.

As a successful permanent supportive housing program, Homeward Bound uses the national best practice called Housing First, the model in which programs house all persons immediately without preconditions such as sobriety, income, or behavioral requirements and pair supportive services matched to the needs of the household. Long-term studies demonstrate that individuals and families experiencing homelessness, even chronic homelessness, can move into a home with case management, follow a standard lease, and successfully remain in housing over a long period of time. 

Homeward Bound’s Permanent supportive housing programs participates in the City of Asheville’s coordinated assessment process, including the local prioritization of individuals for housing. Communities use the VI-SPDAT to prioritize individuals and families experiencing homelessness based on an acuity score that indicates the type of housing intervention best suited to their ongoing needs. Permanent supportive housing programs are intended to serve the individuals and families with the longest time homeless and the highest needs.

Housing Teams

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Housing Authority City of Asheville (HACA)

Homeward Bound’s HACA Housing Team works closely with goverment officials to house and support many clients in Asheville’s public housing. 

The Woodfin

Homeward Bound’s Woodfin Program sucessfully houses 19 formly homeless individuals through a groundbreaking initative. 

Scattered-Site housing

Homeward Bound’s Scattered-Site team works with private landlords across Asheville and Buncombe County to house our most vulnerable citizens.